Linux Framebuffer Driver Writing HOWTO

James Simmons,

v1.00, 9 October 1999

This document describes how to support a framebuffer video card for Linux. It lists the supported video hardware, describes how to program the kernel drivers, and answers frequently asked questions. The goal is to bring current framebuffer driver writers as well as new ones up to speed on the new developments occurring in the graphics system for Linux.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

1.1 Acknowledgments
1.2 Revision History
1.3 New versions of this document
1.4 Feedback
1.5 Distribution Policy

2. Framebuffer Video Card Technology

2.1 Monitor
2.2 Video Card

3. Setting a Video Mode

3.1 Fixed Frequency Monitors
3.2 Multi Frequency Monitors
3.3 Recipe for multisync monitors
3.4 Recipe for Monosync
3.5 Colors

4. Framebuffer Internal API

4.1 Data Structures
4.2 Driver layout

5. Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

5.1 Does fbdev support accels?

6. References

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